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October 16, 2008

can you take a backup from solaris and use it on windows NT?

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I was asked such a question – can you take a backup from solaris and use it on windows NT? Of course, the answer is NO. why?
We can use rman convert only for Os with same endian format. Oracle has a v$ view holding such information.
SQL> select platform_name, endian_format from v$transportable_platform;
———————————————————- ————–
Solaris OE (32-bit) Big
Solaris OE (64-bit) Big
Microsoft Windows IA (32-bit) Little
Linux IA (32-bit) Little
AIX-Based Systems (64-bit) Big
HP-UX (64-bit) Big
HP Tru64 UNIX Little
HP-UX IA (64-bit) Big
Linux IA (64-bit) Little
HP Open VMS Little
Microsoft Windows IA (64-bit) Little
IBM zSeries Based Linux Big
Linux 64-bit for AMD Little
Apple Mac OS Big
Microsoft Windows 64-bit for AMD Little
Solaris Operating System (x86) Little
Solaris is big endian and windows is small endian and hence rman convert will not work in this scenario.
Simple summary:
1) Microsoft and linux are little endian,
2) IBM Soalris and Apple are big endian
3) HP tru and open are little endian but 64 bit are BIG endian


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